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  • 31OCT

    Saturday November 1, 2014

    Teams of two: Min 1-5 Death by Wall Balls Partners alternate adding one rep per set. Score is highest round COMPLETED ex: A-1 B-2 A-3 B-4 etc Min 5-15 Partner Cindy Partners Alternate movements. Score is total Rounds COMPLETED ex: A-5 pullups B-10 pushups A-15 Air Squats B-5 Pullups etc Min 15-25 Race to 2500

  • 30OCT

    Friday October 31, 2014

      Most of the athletes who go through our Sports Performance program will sooner or later play at the collegiate level. Some, however, choose different paths. Today, Dalton Vaughan graduates from boot camp in San Diego, California and will officially become a United States Marine. Congrats Dalton. Thank you!   There will be no 6:30