What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is one of the first ways to define fitness in a measurable way; It is comprised of constantly varied movements, performed at a high intensity. Whether you are climbing a rope, running down a street, lifting something heavy, or swimming laps in a pool, you are increasing your fitness level. By constantly varying these movements, performing them at a high intensity, and not specializing (preparing for the unknown) you increase the effects. It is also a massive, global community that is dedicated to raising the bar of fitness.

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Why CrossFit RTB?

At RTB, our focus is on increasing your fitness level, no matter where you are starting from. Whether a seasoned athlete or a mother of 4, each of our workouts are scale-able and designed to push your fitness to the next level. We have a dedicated staff that is trained to not only teach you the CrossFit movements, but to also push the entire group to achieve their goals. Since opening in 2012, RTB has been a steadily growing gym that is transforming lives through fitness and building strong relationships that last a lifetime.

Crossfit RTB